Be Prepared

Though you can never fully prepare yourself for an emergency, it is always good to be prepared. Recent
events in Japan and around the world are making people think about disaster preparedness. 


#1 The Orange County Red Cross is Holding their Annual Super CPR .

Saturday, April 16, 2011
Angel Stadium
Exhibition Center
2000 East Gene Autry Way
Anaheim, CA 92806
Pre-registration is $10 for CPR and/or $10 for First Aid.
On-site registration is $15 at the door.
Register for classes in CPR (2 hours) and First Aid (1 hour)
They also have a lot of great resources on their site to help you prepare for a disaster.


#2 Zozi is currently offering 50% off an Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness Class ($40 Value) through Urban Outdoor Skills. So $20 for the class.


#3 Assemble your own disaster kit or get one through
They have some great, pre-assembled kits.


#4 is a great source of information. They also have an excellent Emergency Contact form for you to use.


#5 Have a card with family emergency contact information. Cell phones may not get service in a disaster. It is also good to  have an out of town contact for an emergency.   Form #2


Please feel free to comment with your suggestions and great information sites. Thank you!

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