Adventures in Baking…


So Friday I baked, and baked and baked… I got the idea from Bakerella, but added my own twists. This was a labor of love for my husband’s birthday. He loves his hamburgers and I wanted his cake to be something special. They turned out pretty well.  Just give yourself a little bit of time if you want to make these.

Step One: Baking

Use one package of yellow cake mix and one package of brownie mix.

I added some vanilla extract and buttermilk to the yellow cake mix just to add a little flavor. Fill each cupcake holder with the cake batter, but do not fill up all the way. This is going to be your “bun”

While your cupcakes are cooling, bake your brownies. These are going to be your “patties”. Fill the cupcake containers half way. You dont have to make it too full.  Both mixes should make 24-30 cupcakes and brownies. Make sure you butter the pans well!

Step Two: Assembling the “Burger”

Using a good knife cut each cupcake into two parts.



Step Three: The “Cheese”

I made a marshmallow fondant.

I made it the night before which makes the process easier. The fondant can get a little sticky. If you need to make it more plialbe just wet your fingers with a little water. Look on the back of your food coloring and play with it till you get a yellow orange look. It really does look like cheese and actually tastes pretty good!

Step Four-Lettuce


Shredded coconut dyed green. Go easy on the food coloring or it will turn neon. You might want to put the coconut into a large zip lock bag then add a few drops of coloring and then add more if needed. I slightly toasted the coconut just to add a little bit more flavor. Don’t toast too long, if you do it will “wilt” your “lettuce”.


Step Five: Ketchup and Mustard

If you want to add Ketchup and Mustard. Just add some food coloring to frosting and add it to your hamburger. Mix a small amount of the frosting first to make sure you get the correct color. Mustard is easy just add yellow. Ketchup is a little more complex. Use a chart to help with mixing or just buy dark red food coloring. If you wanted “mayo” you could use a little white frosting. You don’t need to use too much frosting. I didn’t want the frosting to overwhelm the other flavors so I just added a bit here and there just so it would peek out from under the “bun”

If you want to add fries, which I did, just bake up a batch of sugar cookies. Using a pan, just roll out the cookie dough and bake. When it is almost hard, but not too hard take it out, let it cool and then cut into fry shaped sizes. Pop it back into the oven if you want a darker look then sprinkle with sugar for a “salty” look. You can even serve with a little “ketchup” on the side for dipping.

The results are an optical illusion in a way, and delicious!

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